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reageerde, op 31 Juli 2011 om 0:50 uur:

Hello, Mr. Werner Daehn
I am your Chinese fans are like you in the movie "Valkyrie" in the show! Cool! Is simply the standard image of the German officer! You shine in this film covers Tom Cruise, I hope you can strengthen the propaganda of the Chinese market, to the fans a Chinese bbs, I wish you all the best!

Rob Whitelock(
reageerde, op 18 Juni 2011 om 18:17 uur:

Nice pic of you and me doing Colditz Werner! Nice one mate, hope things are good for you. I saw you in 'United' the other day and I loved 'Valkyrie' too. You're a great actor and I'm proud to have worked with you...

reageerde, op 11 Februar 2011 om 22:06 uur:

Hey, I'm from America and I think your really great actor...I saw alot of clips of you from your movies and I'm really inspired to watch the foreign ones. I hope to see you in more movies. God Bless

Kyoko Isobe(
reageerde, op 15 Januar 2011 om 1:23 uur:

I am Japanese.
It came to love you seeing movie "Walkure".
I think that you are a very wonderful actor!

I'm sorry by poor English.

reageerde, op 29 Juni 2010 om 15:50 uur:

I enjoyed your work in Valkyrie and look forward to seeing you in more American Cinematic ventures.


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