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Rob Whitelock(
reageerde, op 18 Juni 2011 om 18:17 uur:

Nice pic of you and me doing Colditz Werner! Nice one mate, hope things are good for you. I saw you in 'United' the other day and I loved 'Valkyrie' too. You're a great actor and I'm proud to have worked with you...

reageerde, op 11 Februar 2011 om 22:06 uur:

Hey, I'm from America and I think your really great actor...I saw alot of clips of you from your movies and I'm really inspired to watch the foreign ones. I hope to see you in more movies. God Bless

Kyoko Isobe(
reageerde, op 15 Januar 2011 om 1:23 uur:

I am Japanese.
It came to love you seeing movie "Walkure".
I think that you are a very wonderful actor!

I'm sorry by poor English.

reageerde, op 29 Juni 2010 om 15:50 uur:

I enjoyed your work in Valkyrie and look forward to seeing you in more American Cinematic ventures.

Dan Van Husen(
reageerde, op 28 November 2009 om 8:07 uur:

Sorry nach 15 Jahren in England unterlaufen mir manchmal einige Fehler in der Rechtschreibung.


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